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A Great class, positive, friendly and extremely talented teachers. I'd never danced before and each week feel more confident. (Renee Ireland, January 2024)

our dance classes are addictive! Everyone is so kind, patient and friendly even when I forget what I am supposed to be doing. (Becky S, November 2023)

First jive class in 2 years and 5 months. Anxiety was at a high but every single person made me feel welcome. I danced  ALL night. I cannot recommend them enough!
(Sarah Field, May 2022)

Never Jived before, absolutely brilliant, everyone is so friendly
(Bill Dunne, October 2019)
Brilliant music, dancers and cake! Friendliest venue going too! Jive Hive we salute you
(Jemma Wigmore, August 2019)

Some really enjoyable dancing to a diverse range of great music. Anna and Mike are such warm hosts and really make you feel welcome. Fabulous evening!
Debra Ransom (May 2019)
Enjoyed freestyle last night. Friendly open atmosphere for all levels of dancer. The slower tempo towards the end is a nice idea for some styling and variation. Thanks all
(Jamie Mccloughlin, February 2019)
Excellent dancing, great people, everyone makes you feel welcome. Having never done jive before I was a 'New Bee' for sure. However, with the lessons and dancing freestyle you learn quick. Highly recommend and LOVE it!
(Jennie Morgan, January 2019)

I have been lucky enough to dance at some of the most well known successful weekly dances in the country over the years. Jive Hive simply have something magical about it's atmosphere. If your new to dancing or been dancing years you really need to get out to these evenings. I genuinely can't recommend Jive Hive enough. The crew welcome everyone with open arms, the dj's are always open to requests. I love that it's on a Monday evening as it feels like my weekend is still about, or my working week is nice and short.
(Pete Campion, September 2018)

Hi Anna, firstly, thank you so, so much for making tonight so amazing for myself and my daughter Megan. It was just fantastic and what a team. So, so welcoming and patient. It was so much fun.
(Carlie Bannerman, September 2018)

This club is different! It’s so warm, friendly & welcoming. I love coming here!”
(Angie, August 2018)

Wow, that was fantastic! Ticked all the boxes. Terrific music (always when in Shaun's safe hands) and the best dancing people you could ever wish to be with. Thank you, Anna and Mike🙂🙂
(Ray Codd, June 2018)


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