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Every Monday 7.30-11pm


You'll find us every Monday, apart from some Bank Holidays (phone to check if unsure) at The Elm Community Centre in Estover.

We start with a 30 minute beginners class, followed by coaching for the New Bees or a 30 minute intermediate class for the more experienced dancer.

Then, we all come together for 2 hours of freestyle dancing to some new tunes, and old favourites, from our very own DJ Shauny. Requests are encouraged to ensure you get to dance to the music you love.

For the last 30 minutes we will slow down the tempo of the tunes for everyone to enjoy some smooth jive/blues time.

Doors open 7.30pm and dancing continues until 11pm



First night £3
Members £7
Non Members £10

Should you wish to become a lifetime member and take advantage of other member discounts, please speak to a member of the team on arrival and we can sign you up on the spot!


Elm Community Centre, Leypark Walk, PL6 8UE (behind Asda)

Please feel free to bring your own unbreakable cup for your drinks.


Music Timing & Interpretation Workshop followed by Freestyle

Saturday 20th May 2023

Ticket only event - Buy your ticket NOW at the Hive or from our Online Bookings Page

or by calling 07881 810735


Join us for our 3rd workshop of 2023 at the Elm Community Centre and this one is something special!


Is your dancing feeling a little stale? Are you looking to add something special to your moves?


Come and join us for an afternoon workshop on - The best way to take your dancing to another level without necessarily adding lots of new moves..


We will be looking at playing with the timing and interpretation of music in a fun, friendly way that will bring a new dimension to your dancing.


We will break down how to handle different speeds in music; working with musical breaks & hesitations & interpreting music in various ways.


Doors open at 4.15pm and Workshop begins at 4.30pm ending at 7pm to allow to you grab some food locally (or bring it with you!) before continuing the evening with our monthly freestyle 'til 11pm!


There will be 2 x 1 hour workshops broken up with refreshments in the form of hot drinks and cakes


You will then be entitled to FREE entry to our May Freestyle event starting at 7.30pm


Price for workshops with free entry to freestyle (3.30-11.30pm) Members £15 Non Members £18



Jive Hive Monthly Freestyle!

7.30pm - 11pm


It's time to let your hair down, get up off that sofa and meet friends for dancing and fun!


Join us at the Hive where we will be swarming! So feel free to bring some nectar to drink although tea/coffee, dinks and cakes will be available to purchase!

Doors open at 8pm with some fantastic upbeat tunes from DJ Shauny that will continue to 10.30pm where we will slow the tunes down for some smoother jive.


Music requests are encouraged as its YOUR night.

Dance the way you want; with people you like; to the music you love! 

EVERYBODY welcome for £10 (members discounted to £8)

Should you wish to become a lifetime member and take advantage of various discounts and priority bookings bring £10 with you and we'll sign you up on the spot as you come in.

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